Sunday, June 9, 2013


Someone never tires of the game "Throw the Duck!"
In fact, if you are busy weeding or some sort of outside activity...
unavailable to throw the duck...
Roxie will throw the duck herself and then chase it.
But only if you are in the yard and giving applause.

Tomorrow is my return to work.
I actually got primo hours.
When I walked in to be "re-activated"
I got a hug from my shift manager who told me how glad he was to have me back.
I am told that things did not go as smoothly as they do when I am there.

Um... how about a raise?

I'm pretty much ready.
The man is well stocked with food he likes.
I made myself a big pot of red beans and rice.
One of my favorite dishes that happens to be cheap and will feed me all week.
(Buying food at work is a budget killer.)

The hardest part will be getting up early again.
Funny how the sleep time creeps later and later when you don't have to be anywhere.
Getting my feet used to standing on them all day long again.

I must admit to some excitement.
I have not been out much since Randy's stroke.
My time has revolved almost completely around him...
because I wanted it to.
Squeaky can and has watched out for him and he will do so daily now.
Gotta keep the man safe!

My work life, 
suck as it does,
 is mine.
We all need our time in pursuit of separate experiences.
That gives us something to talk about.
Removes boredom.
Opens doors.
Gets us OUT.
And I am sure that the man is ready for a bit more...
hee hee

Have a glorious Monday!
I know... meh Monday.
But each day is a gift,
 may as well open it with gratitude.



  1. roxy gets better looking every day!

    1. I must agree with you billy. She is one darned good looking pooch.

  2. I'm sure you were champing at the nit to get some out-of-the-house time, but I hear you on having to get up early.

    "But each day is a gift, may as well open it with gratitude."


    1. My first day went very well, Secret Agent Woman. I am home happy and not too tired to cook or to visit.
      =:] Thank you.

  3. I have two very large dogs that love having anything tossed for them to chase... it doesn't have to be a duck ;-)

    Glad you are back to work because it means the man is able to get along on his own. That's a good thing. It's also good for you to get out and interact with adults. I miss that because I work from home.

  4. Beans and rice are good. Many people make do with less! And glad you are appreciated at work, even if just a little bit. Good for you!

  5. I'm so glad they appreciate your at work! And it will be nice to come home with little stories.

  6. Welcome back!
    Isn't it a nice feeling when you get welcomed back at work? I love that feeling. Then those same people eventually start driving us crazy all over again. :)

  7. i am glad squeaky can be a help while you are at work and as sucky as work is i am so glad you got better hours and an atta girl. that had to feel good. hoping randy is continuing to improve bit by bit.

  8. Hope the week went well, and the man is doing okay. Enjoy your weekend silly rabbit and I hope you and Roxie have a little time to play with the duck. Take care.

  9. Glad to hear you made the return to work. Good for you! By the way, that is one of the great dog faces of all time!

  10. Hi silly rabbit. Have a great weekend.

  11. That's a good phrase to replace "jump the shark", too.

    As in, "Did you see that episode of CSI-SUV Las Vegas last night? It really threw the duck!