Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Bottom of Multnomah Falls as it runs away to the Columbia.
 Seems like ages since I was last down here.  
I guess it kind of is.
For an update:
The man came home on May 2.
He walked into the house without the aide of a can or walker.
 There have been wins and losses.
Randy cannot drive now.
He has "neglect" on the left side.
This means that though he may actually see something,
the brain acts as if it does not see it.
It has made reading and math difficult.
And like Randy says, 
he cannot afford to "not see" a child running into the street.

Now he relies on me or Squeaky to help him out with 
those things.
He has outpatient therapy to help correct these losses.
It goes slow.
They say 6 months to a year before he can learn what will or won't come back.

Meanwhile we have jumped through the hoops of obtaining 
And we are still jumping through more hoops.

To talk to him, 
you would not notice a difference.
His thinking is fine.
His speech is softer and bit more husky.
But he is thinner and he is less outgoing.
He slept a lot at first, but less as time goes by.
He is not working in the shop.
This makes me sad...
it really is one of the major joys he has in life.
He has to wait until they are sure that he is safe out there.
 Squeaky came to be the Randy wrangler/ house help while I work.
I find out on Saturday when I will work.
Part of me is happy to go back.
The part that wants to have money again.
The part that gets bored being home all the time.
I hate to leave Randy...
even if Squeaky is with him.
I'm sure I will call on my lunch.
 When I get home I will have things to talk about.
So will Randy. 
Another step toward "normal".




  1. I'm happy to see some improvement in your life. I know from my own experience that life can be quite complicated. Still, life beats the alternative. Glad to hear you again.

    1. Thanks Cube. Its good to be back. I've ignored a lot of things that I normally did because of the constantly changing schedule. I am a creature of habit. I have missed blog world.

  2. glad to hear the man is improving.

    say hi to roxie for me.

    1. Thanks billy! Roxie says "Hello!" She has adopted Squeaky... who is not a dog person. But the amazing Missy Moo has won him over. He keeps saying that he has never met a better behaved dog. She sneaks into his room and hides on the other side of the bed so that he won't boot her out. Clever girl!

  3. It's god to see you back writing. I'm glad Randy is slowly on the mend and at least you guys are on the path to normalcy again.

  4. I'm glad your hubby is home now, it'll take awhile to get used to the "new" normal but it'll come and it'll be okay again.

  5. Hopefully he'll work hard on the therapy... And it's better to be safe than sorry. Glad you are back!

  6. I can imagine how hard the changes are, but I feel certain he will continue to improve as time passes. You two are so lucky to have one another. And kudos to Squeaky for coming to help out!!!

  7. any step toward normal is a good step. i hope randy can soon get back to his workshop. i am sure that will be therapeutic in so many ways when he is safe there.