Monday, September 2, 2013



Ok. I’ve had folks checking up on me and asking for updates… so here it is.
Thank you for your concern.  It is appreciated.  =:]
Life has been busy recently. 

On the good end… my amazing daughter, Bear…
Who took her final test for nursing school on the afternoon of Aug.6th
And gave me my newest granddaughter in the early hours of
Aug. 7th
And then…
Graduated from nursing school on Aug 24th!

 The Bear

I am so very proud of Bear.
To top it off, her doctor offered her a job in his clinic…
After taking some baby time.
Now that’s the way to work it!

Here are some pics of the event...

 Avery Rebecca

 Proud big brother.

 Turkey, G'pa Fuzzy and Avery
(The cigar is out!  I swear it !)

 Turkey lost his tooth in the parking lot.

Olivia dancing... she knows how to celebrate!

Squeaky was living with us and helping out with Randy.
But he was offered a job with Xerox…
As one of the tech people for their line of smart phone products.
And has moved north again to take advantage of that.
I’m pretty proud of him too.

That brings us to Randy and myself.
We took a trip up to DPH to watch the Bear graduate
And meet Avery Rebecca.
I fell deeply in love with her, sigh.
Spending time with her proud big brother was fun too.
So much happiness there that it was hard to come home.

But home we came.
Roxy was crazy happy to see us.
You’d think that we had been gone for a week
Instead of over night.
I had a last “day off” of doing laundry,
Making lunches for myself and Randy for the week.

I snore.
Very loudly, I am told.
So we have opted to use separate bedrooms for sleeping…
Now that Squeaky is gone and one opened up.

I never thought that I would like that arrangement.
But its a lot like when I was a kid and finally got my own room…
I do like the freedom of sleeping however I like…
Including sprawled out kitty-corner if I wish.
I can have the air conditioner or fan on as long as I like and not have to
Worry about Randy getting grumpy about being cold.
I love to be cold when I sleep.
I can watch whatever show I want and not have to consult
The man who doesn’t like most of my shows.
So that was a nice surprise.

We wait.
I am waiting to be old enough to retire.
So that I can be home to help the man.
We are still waiting for disability to be determined.
It should be a “Duh” sort of decision.
His doctors all say he cannot work,
Cannot drive.
So we wait.
I’d much rather be proactive about it.
Waiting is no fun.
  But I am good at it.


  1. Your daughter has been a busy gurl....and I congratulate her on the birth of Avery Rebecca (what a beautiful name...and a beauuuutiful baby!)
    And...the final test of nursing school and the job! Blessings have been showered on her and her sweet family. Congratulations!!!

    1. Yes they have. Thank you. I will pass that on to her.

  2. congrats on the newest grandchild and the new jobs for bear and squeaky. snoring? the older ruby gets, the louder she snores. how about roxy?

    1. Roxy is a real snorter of a snorer. We sort of harmonize or at least perform a noisy duet.

    2. Roxy is a real snorter of a snorer. We sort of harmonize or at least perform a noisy duet.

  3. Sorry to hear about all of the waiting but definitely glad to hear all of the good news. Hang in there and hopefully things will be resolved soon for you and Randy. Take care.

  4. Hope all is well and have a good weekend.

  5. well congrats to bear and welcome to avery! that's exciting news all the way around.

    glad things seem to be going well and i hope the disability comes through sooner rather than later.

  6. Well, sounds like there's a lot to be grateful for. Things could be better, but likely that's always the case. Glad you are doing well and NOT smoking!!!

  7. Go Ducks!!! Have a good weekend, silly rabbit.

  8. Way to go, Bear! She really squeaked that final exam in under the wire!

  9. Wow, Bear has been so busy! Congrats to all of you on that beautiful new family member :) Congrats to Squeaky, too, on the new career opportunity.
    Waiting is so, so hard. I know that things like permanent disability claims can drag on and on, but it WILL get settled. And glad to hear you are enjoying your own little den :)

  10. Congrats to The Bear, and shame on me for not showing up before this to say that.

  11. And shame on me for hitting "enter" before I had finished writing (duh). I hope all works out for you and yours, and I'm saying a prayer on your behalf.