Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Springing along...

I thought the warm weather would never arrive.
At least not before I lost my sanity.
But it did.

The signs of true spring are everywhere.
Plum trees have already lost their blooms and the cherries are in full display.
Bulbs have given us so many different reasons to smile.
And the utility company is busy trying to trim back all the 
new and winter growth from the power lines.
Roxy lays and grumbles out the screen door.

Most days begin with the sounds of weed eaters and mowers.
We are doing our own share of these activities.

  I bought a pair of these funny long handled sheers.
Our vinca borders the driveway and the walkway.
Believe me...
kneeling on concrete with a pair of hand sheers is not the way to go...
if you want it to look like this:

 We are happy with our new toy.

I sent a picture to Turkey.

 His seeds have sprouted well!
He was so excited that he was mad when mom said that
they could not jump in the car and drive down to transplant them
into "Turkey's Garden" immediately.
(That's a flowerbed that I told him would be his garden.)

From forward to back;
nasturtiums, zucchini, yellow squash, bush beans and
at the end, cayenne pepper.
Hard to tell by this picture, but most have at least raised the soil
if they have not broken the surface with green.
In another flat are lisbon onions, roma tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno peppers
and cucumbers.

This is how I enjoy spending my time.
I know that gardening is not for everyone and can be a bore.
I'm not particularly good at it, but I love doing it.
All that fresh air and sunshine.

Meanwhile on other fronts...
I am soooo excited!
We just rented a cabin for 3 nights up in Dumb Potter's Hell.
Randy has a 4 day weekend coming up...
yes, Memorial Day.
We opted to use it for the trip.

Many of the people I know have not met Randy.
My kids know him, but not my friends or my father.
So they are planning a big barbecue the second day that we are there.

We were careful about when we planned to leave and return...
we want to miss as much of the holiday traffic as possible.
Randy will sleep while I drive...
that way he can be perky when we get there.

And I can't believe that our first wedding anniversary is
coming up on the 21st.
When I asked the man what he wanted to do for it,
he gave me a mysterious response.

"It's already planned.  All you have to do is wait for it."

I wonder what it is?




  1. There's my answer to the seed question. It's funny how we can live in the same country and be on such vastly different climate schedules. But the lure of gardening is powerful to some of us, and I completely get it.

  2. Heh. Here's hoping what you "only have to wait for" is something you want (which I'm pretty sure it will be, considering how much you love each other, but still...)

  3. Secret Agent Woman- I meant to go back and answer that question before. Guess I didn't huh? Sorry about that. I know... I see your photos and I sigh when I see the maturity of your plants compared to ours out here.

    Suldog- The man loves to not tell me things! Everything that he can make into a surprise is one. Most of them are good ones. But it is a bit scary wondering what one will be. I recall the folding camp chair of my first birthday with him. Not unwanted but it was kind of a let down compared to the things in my head that it could have been. Ha!

    I could be dreaming of a day at the ocean and he might be thinking this is the perfect time to take me to have a "Monster Burger"... so named for The Incredible Hulk by the burger joint owner because Bill Bigsby used to frequent his place. There are autographed photos of both sides of the Hulk... Bill and Lou. This is a sacred spot to the man and I have heard of its wonder many times now. lol So you have a very valid point. I have learned not to wonder too grandly.

  4. I love to see pictures of people's lush yards and green growing things. I have never had a green thumb, but love to look on :)
    Your upcoming trip sounds great! It will be nice to have a chance to finally introduce your husband to everyone. And I can't wait to hear about his surprise anniversary...thing. haha!

  5. Yay! I'm glad spring has sprung for you. I love your selection of garden veggies. I'm not familiar with bush beans, though.

    We have cilantro (it's easy), several varieties of tomatos, grape vines, and pineapples in our garden plus a bunch of flowers that I can't name.

    It's great to include kids in gardening. It's a wonderful learning experience for them and just plain fun for the adults. I'm glad Turkey is getting to be a part of yours.

    Sounds like you're going to really enjoy this visit to DPH. It sounds like a good time will be had by all.

  6. wow, that looks excellent!

    i bought a foam pad for kneeling on whilst pulling weeds and so far it's been a good investment but i'll soon tire of it and the weeds will return with a vengeance.

  7. I'd like to say that I'd love to be someday married to a mysterious man, but I need to be specific. Your man seems to like nice surprises. That's the mystery I'm looking for in a man. Nice surprises. It's good to specify. :)

    I'm glad the nicer weather has arrived for your area!

  8. that's a pretty nifty tool indeed! i have the black thumb of death where green things are concerned and we live on a heavily wooded acre. gardening for me would be an exercise in futility but i so love to see the gardens of people who have skill.

    i can't wait to hear what your anniversary surprise is :)

  9. Just checking in to see how special your anniversary surprise was. You know how nosey us blog buddies can be ;-)