Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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Wishes to you for a bountiful and happy 2013 !

The holidays are over.  YAY!
I had as nice a holiday season as possible
with the craziness in the shopper world all around me, but...
I was never happier for 4:00P.M. on a Dec. 23rd.

Randy cooked up to surprise me for my Christmas...
not Christmas with the kids,
but almost as good.
We loaded up the red sleigh and packed the toys
Grandpa Fuzzy had made for our northern grand kids
into the back bed.

It was a very brief trip.
The reason being that finishing the gifts had taken longer than planned...
and it was too late to ship.
No child shall have Christmas without a gift from Grandpa and Grandma Fuzzy!

After the drive,
we exchanged gifts with the D. P. H.'s lot,
hugged and kissed... and said good-byes.
The visit lasted only a couple of hours.
In the morning we started out early
with an even briefer stop 
in P'land
to exchange gifts with Bear.
(Who is expecting a new baby bear!)

The next day we had diner at our local family gathering.
Before I knew it, 
we were home and I was going back to work.
The holiday had flown past.

New Years Eve found us each snoring on our sofa
when the ball dropped.
I woke up when Roxy began to freak out over
I covered the man up and left him behind.

I knew that Roxy would not be able to deal with the explosions.
I hustled her off to the bedroom
where I thought she would feel safe.

She barricaded herself under the bed.

Allow me to point out that there is NO
"under the bed".
There are drawers in a big base.
But there is a gap of about nine inches between the base and the wall,
covered by the mattress platform.

Oh well.
She did feel safe in there.
Of course we had to move the entire bed to get her out
in the morning.

The start of 2013 looked an awful lot like 2012.

But then the sun came out!
Glorious blue skies and rays that warmed the air and skin.
It felt like a promise for a wonderful new year.
I will take that optimistic point of view and run with it.

I am making no resolutions this year.
I am simply going to enjoy as much of it as possible.


  1. So much of this blogpost makes my heart just SMILE really big!
    Thank you for that. I mean that with all my heart. What a lovely place to be reading your wonderful words.
    "No child shall have Christmas without a gift from Grandpa and Grandma Fuzzy!" That's a wonderful gift...shows much love to and from you.
    Glad that Roxy found her safe spot. I can only imagine that she trembled all night...bless her heart.
    Wishing you a blessed New Year.
    Hugs and love,

  2. happy new year!

    ruby was the same with the new years fireworks, poor old roo spent the night in her crate where she feels secure. there are times when i want to around the neighborhood and let the air out the offender's tires.

    1. Ah billy, I have similar thoughts towards my neighbors as well. Give Ruby a great big stritch for me. Roxy is now laying on the carpet enjoying a couple of new marrow bones. It amazes me how fast she can chew up things that dense.

  3. That's a lot of running around!

    I have a platform bed with drawers, too, but no dog to hide under it. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Secret Agent Woman! And the same to you and yours.

      We have a big dresser too, and I find that I often forget the drawers under the bed are there when I am looking for things.

  4. Good for you.
    We'll see if you get this comment.

  5. Woo hoo!!!!! I'm glad you survived. Sorry that you still have to keep that job. And wish you a very merry new year!

    1. NoRegrets- Woo hoo! Is right. Your comment did show up. I'll get rid of that job yet but only in trade for a better one.

  6. Glad you had a good holiday season, and sounds like you have the right idea about 2013. Also please know that I sincerely appreciate the friendship we have developed through our blogging. I am a little sentimental right now as I have had a rough start to the new year, and I just want the people that I care about to know how I feel. Have a good one.

  7. Mr. Shife, I too truly appreciate our friendship. I love sharing your family experiences and your humor, especially on my darker days when I need that ray of light. Thank you! Give Tank and those babies hugs for me. Then hug your wife, but do that for yourself. =;]

  8. i'm glad you got to see everyone even if the visits were a bit brief. congrats on the new bear cub on the way. happy news :)

  9. Happy, Happy New Year, Silly Rabbit!

    I stayed up till midnight, but didn't watch the ball drop. I'm very surprised that I didn't hear anyone set off firecrackers in my area! There are plenty of lively characters in my apartment building. Maybe they were all out partying elsewhere.

  10. I gave them all hugs as advised. Hope you are doing well and not working too hard.

  11. Your plan is the most sensible there is! Sorry I haven't been by lately. Here's hoping the enjoyment continues!